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Mill Creek 16.5, Part 8

Shape the deck, sand the deck. Fill the gaps, let the epoxy dry, sand the deck. Fill more gaps, let the epoxy dry, sand the deck. Fill the now magically-appearing, aiming-to-crush-my-soul gaps, let the epoxy dry, sand the deck. Remember the Tootsie Pop ads?

The answer is 364, although twenty non machine-assisted lickers averaged 252 licks to get to the center.

The question now, dear readers, is how many times can you sand a deck made from 1/4″ thick wood with 80, 120, 150 and 220 grit sandpaper without discovering the other side?

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Mill Creek 16.5, Part 7

Planing the deck edges

With the deck glued to the hull it’s time to shape, sand, fill, sand, sand, sand, and sand. A process known colloquially known as “fairing the boat”. Above, the boat goes in one end of the plane, art and scrap comes out the other.

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Mill Creek 16.5, Part 6

Three hundred and twelve linear feet of Yellow Alaskan Cedar, Walnut and Western Red Cedar in three-quarters-of-an-inch wide planks form the deck. Ninety-six hand-cut bevels where each plank meets the deck edge. The next step will be sanding the underside and glassing it before joining it to the hull.

Mill Creek Hybrid, Part 5

It’s been a busy spring, with too few snippets of time spaced too far apart. Some progress on the deck though, makes me happy.


Mill Creek Hybrid, Part 4


Mill Creek Hybrid, Part 3


Mill Creek Hybrid, part 2

The last two weeks have been all about the interior of the boat. Now, with fillets and fiberglass in place, some sanding and 3-ish coats of epoxy it’s time to share the love on the exterior. Next up, a full fiberglassing of the outer hull. Lots of sanding and smoothing to do before that happens. Clipping the copper wires is the first order of business.

Mill Creek 16.5 Hybrid

The build log for my tandem kayak project


I’ve been wanting to build a wood core kayak for at least a decade. I’ve clicked through the boat designs at Chesapeake Light Craft on and off for years. After much internal debate I purchased the Millcreek 16.5 Hybrid Tandem Kayak. The “hybrid” part is that the hull is marine plywood but the decking is done with 3/4″ cedar strips arranged in what ever design I feel like I can pull off. Hmmm…

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Gold Butte

February was datacenter migration time, which meant a few trips to Las Vegas. The last one would require renting a giant SUV to haul some IT crap. Since I had to drive that thing back home, there was enough room for my bike and gear, and we would finish up work Friday morning the scene was set for my first bikepack of 2018. In the sixties during the day, high twenties at night. Not bad for wintertime.

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Silver Island Mountains

Silver Island Mountains Register

I wanted- no, needed another bikepacking trip before the snow. Threw together a quick overnighter just outside of Wendover, UT. Between low-end desert casinos and the Bonneville Salt Flats lay the Silver Island mountains, with Floating Island right next door. My plan was to do a figure-eight around the island with a side trip over a causeway seen on Google Maps to camp on Floating Island. Being an isolated mountain range with one road around it I forsook Navigation Devices. Just need to look for a left turn somewhere around 30 miles. The satellite photos made it look so clear. Oddly enough, things don’t always look the appear with the same clarity at ground level.

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