August is not what you’d call a prime desert riding month in Utah. With the Wasatch and Uinta mountain ranges in my backyard there are ample opportunities for more elevated exploration. Temps in the nineties during the day drop to the forties at night. Moose and mule deer appear along the way, our paths intersecting for a moment, each sizing up the potential threat of the other. In the fullest acknowledgment that the encounter is serendipitous, not sinister, we turn our backs to one another and continue on.

IMG_20170826_133729.jpg IMG_20170826_172712.jpg IMG_20170826_172636.jpg IMG_20170826_174815.jpg IMG_20170826_174943.jpg IMG_20170826_175053.jpg IMG_20170826_182006.jpg IMG_20170826_182046.jpg IMG_20170826_185046.jpg IMG_20170826_190348.jpg IMG_20170827_102347.jpg