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Cathedral Valley with the Doob

Click to view the adventure.

White Rim – Solo Overnighter

Click my Ulv for the Google Photo album and trip notes.

Rawland Ulv

Desert build, lots of water storage.

Build details coming soon.

Bikepack – Arches Backroad Tour

Bikepack – The Torrey and Henry Mtns Loop

Bikepack – San Rafael Swell

The (maybe second) S24O

lil wild horse

This will be my first Sub 24-hour Overnight (S24O) with my old-Vaya-made-new-bikepacking-rig. Lots of shiny new things that need to get dirty, scraped and imbued with some credibility before the real fun starts.

The Vaya, bikepack ready


Live tracking for Saturday’s True Grit 50-miler Mtn Bike Race

Endomondo | Community based on free GPS tracking of sports.

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