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Yes. That is a beer holster.


That’s BP at the finish of True Grit with beers for the Cutthroat riders. Six hours doesn’t seem so long once you have a recovery drink in hand.

Sept. 21- Monster Cross Weekend, Bear Lake Monster Rides

Monster Cross Weekend | Bear Lake Monster Rides.

Frozen Hog 2012

22nd out of 34 in the Sport class…no crashes, no blood this year.

Ride Calendar 2012

Here’s the list so far- some confirmed, for most I’m just hoping to get in:

Jan. 28th: Frozen Hog, Alpine, UT. Need to register.

March 17: True Grit, 50 mile option, St. George, UT. Registered!

May 12: 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, Cortez, Co. Registered!

July 14: Crusher in the Tushar, Beaver, UT. Registered!

July 28: Laramie Enduro, Laramie, WY. I’m in!

Aug 18: Mt. Ogden 100k, Snowbasin, UT.. Reg in Feb.

If the world hasn’t ended yet I’ll look into picking up some races in the fall.


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