February was datacenter migration time, which meant a few trips to Las Vegas. The last one would require renting a giant SUV to haul some IT crap. Since I had to drive that thing back home, there was enough room for my bike and gear, and we would finish up work Friday morning the scene was set for my first bikepack of 2018. In the sixties during the day, high twenties at night. Not bad for wintertime.

Out in the desert between Lake Mead and the overrun-with-Utahns Mesquite, Nevada, 30 miles or so southwest off I-15 you’ll find an oasis of palm trees (with a “Zika Virus Present” sign) and the Gold Butte National Monument.



My rig was considerably smaller (and quieter) than the average Gold Butte visitor.

The view before the turn to Mud Washington Road, heading north on Gold Butte Wash Road

My campsite on the west side of Gold Butte

Dinner time

Moonless night, 31 degrees at 8:00 PM. Gonna be a cold one

Quadruple bonus points if you can find the four wild burros in this picture

Riding west into the sunset

One of my favorite things about the desert- there is life everywhere, you just have to look a little closer

Looking back near the top of basically a 15-mile climb steadily up the plateau.

Lunch view

Just enough shade- lunchtime in the desert

Hanging garden, desert style

Lots of areas with deep sand. No issue for plus-sized tires.

Petroglyphs near Little Finland