Silver Island Mountains Register

I wanted- no, needed another bikepacking trip before the snow. Threw together a quick overnighter just outside of Wendover, UT. Between low-end desert casinos and the Bonneville Salt Flats lay the Silver Island mountains, with Floating Island right next door. My plan was to do a figure-eight around the island with a side trip over a causeway seen on Google Maps to camp on Floating Island. Being an isolated mountain range with one road around it I forsook Navigation Devices. Just need to look for a left turn somewhere around 30 miles. The satellite photos made it look so clear. Oddly enough, things don’t always look the appear with the same clarity at ground level.

The road around the Silver Island Mountains is a National Backcountry Byway. This would not be sweet singletrack but a graded dirt and gravel road in the hard unforgiving landscape that is the west desert. The perfect foil for my soft, in-need-of-forgiveness level of fitness.

Silver Island Mountains Day One

Silver Island Mountains Day Two

See that red circle below? Surrounding the dark, straight line of a causeway juxtaposed so clearly against the salt pan that is Bonneville Salt Flats? How does one miss a causeway, which usually takes the form of a raised roadway surrounded by dark basketball-sized rocks with a clearly-defined two-track, narrowing as it recedes into the distance.

That yellow star? A close look in the middle shows a road. That road connects to the causeway. I saw that ‘road’. I disregarded that ‘road’. Faint, overgrown, hiding behind a low berm and retreating exactly back in the direction that I just came from. Well, now I know how to get there and that it’ll add closer to twenty miles round trip.


MVIMG_20171112_115126_exported_8282871878491897039.jpg MVIMG_20171112_115036_exported_5777124073539954705.jpg MVIMG_20171112_115100_exported_5809470492378375624.jpg MVIMG_20171112_101627.jpg MVIMG_20171111_161912_exported_3211590380349791286.jpg MVIMG_20171111_164734_exported_6658942257976825950.jpg MVIMG_20171111_164719_exported_8055238741842734705.jpg MVIMG_20171111_164656_exported_1078162747848004165.jpg MVIMG_20171111_164528_exported_7173962105457036396.jpg MVIMG_20171111_152410_exported_3509421397188324567.jpg MVIMG_20171111_152401_exported_6722897581319331775.jpg IMG_20171111_152349.jpg MVIMG_20171111_152338_exported_3087999481486839813.jpg MVIMG_20171111_145302_exported_7166956453792070601.jpg MVIMG_20171111_130219_exported_3984629629283953405.jpg